Grab your wallet and 'Act Your Wage'

This is a luxury series we produced about wonderful things you can spend that extra million on, from a retreat where you can eat dinner with a white tiger, to a car club that lets you rent every type of super car, to that mega-yacht in the Entourage movie. Isn't it time to act your wage?

Drive a different super car every day of the week

Come aboard the $200,000 per month 'Entourage' yacht

See where Kardashians do yoga and billionaires eat with exotic animals

Tour NYC's most amazing homes on 'Surreal Estate'

Everything you ever wanted to know about being "Trans" but were afraid to ask

In light of Caitlyn Jenner's coming out and new series, we invited 3 trans women into our office to talk about their experience and their community.

"How did you know you were transgender?" Ask a Trans, Ep 1

"Does the surgery make you a woman?" Ask a Trans, Ep 2

"Is being trans-racial really a thing?" Ask a Trans, Ep 3

"Does Caitlyn Jenner really matter?" Ask a Trans, Ep 4 

Hungry? 'Just Add Fire'