Check out these "Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces"

Network : SPACEs
Air: 2012-2013

This is one of my favorite series that I created and produced while General Managing the original Youtube Home & Design channel, SPACEStv. The concept here was to capture the big design that people applied to tiny spaces.

Thanks to some really innovative, intelligent and inspired design choices, Jen Chu's 1/2 bedroom apartment radiate's positive energy and manages to feel comfortable instead of comfortably compact. TINY ECLECTIC AMAZING SPACES is a show about small spaces with big design and the people who put their eye for interior design to work and create truly unique, awesome and functional places to live and work.
Van Alen Books ( in Chelsea, NY is 400 sq ft and fits a reading room, thousands of books, an art installation and a checkout counter. Dedicated to design and architecture books - the store's design is a feet all it's own.