Events & Happenings covered by the New York Post

The philosophy we applied to event coverage was "give the audience the feeling of what it was like to be there" - and to do that, we decided our videos should be 2-parts music video, 1-part documentary. This meant finding beautiful shots that artfully showed off what the enthusiastic attendees were seeing, as well as a soundtrack that conveyed the awesomeness of the event. We are really proud of these...

Find the full series here: http://nypost.com/tag/events/

See every one who 'hung out' at Nude Bodypainting Day

Meet the men who love My Little Pony

Porn stars and protesters at New York's first Porn Film Festival

The cast of Mad Men attend their sculpture unveiling

Watch thousands of people get into a pillow fight!

See the Met's home opener in all its glory

See the best facial hair in New York City

Thousands gather to bring their steampunk fantasy's to life

The UFO Parade of Pine Bush, NY

Paid to scarf hot dogs at the Super Bowl of competitive eating
(Nathan's Famous July 4th Hot Dog Eating Competition)

Necks, backs and cracks were all inked at the Empire State Tattoo Expo

"Do What You Love" announced at News Corp's NewFront

With great fanfare, the CEO & Publisher of The New York Post, Jesse Angelo, announced the launch of our new series, "Do What You Love"

At its most basic level, it's a series about people who chase their passion and make a career out of it - no matter how quirky it is, or how upsetting it might be to their parents.

Entire series here: http://nypost.com/tag/do-what-you-love/

Do What You Love - Drive a blimp to work 

Do What You Love - Make $300k playing video games

Do What You Love - Get shot out of a canon twice a day

Do What You Love - Peddle Coconuts

Do What You Love - Make your own whiskey

Do What You Love - Be a finger painter (but don't call her a finger-painter!)

Do What You Love - Be a LEGO artist

Do What You Love - Break most of your bones shovel racing

Do What You Love - Be a Hot Sauce Sommelier

Do What You Love - Make million dollar magic

Do What You Love - Save the Philharmonic

Crazy Interesting Posts

Digital Series on New York Post. (creator/writer/producer) - This series takes the amazing, unbelievable articles and headlines from the Post's past and uses VO and animation to breathe life into them once again.

That Time Two Yankees Swapped Wives

The Story Behind the First Great American Sex Scandal

That time a headless body was found in a topless bar

Here's How the Largest Gold Heist in U.S. History was 'The Perfect Crime'

That Time Someone Poisoned NYC's Water Supply with Radioactive Plutonium

That time New Jersey closed it's borders due to a monster

That time Clint Eastwood invaded Laos

That time 2 New York socialites were killed by hording

That time the IRS spanked a 100 college coeds

That time Frankenstein, Bozo the Clown and Gorilla Man robbed some hard-working Americans

That time the government hired a prostitute

That time someone almost blew up the Washington Monument

Geek ETC launches on DBG's CLiP Network

This was a series I wrote and produced with the most excellent Jack Ferry and Melissa Schneider. The series is for geeks and by geeks and was distributed via DBG.

Our host, Kayle Bologna, doubles her glasses with goggles as she gets into all the hot details you need to simmer up your steam punk know-how.
An easy-to-remember rhyme to help you recall EVERY girl a geek should know - except, perhaps, their mother. Starring Kayle Blogna Written by @BradleyWerner Produced by @DBGtv
Here's the early history of Sci Fi and clue you in on the original fanboys and the franchises they created. From Jules Verne to Gene Roddenberry including Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Babylon5, Farscape and of course, Firefly With a few easter eggs from some sci-fi comedies...
Robots and Gadgets are everywhere and this episode will fill you in on everything you need to know about them!
Get on top of all the horror tropes you need to know before it's too late!
Our Geektastic host catches you up on the movie news you need to know and props you need to own!
This babe goes to toyland! It's playtime at Geek ETC where our host, Kayle Bologna, let's you know about all the types of toys you can get to geek out your pad! Get ready for a lesson in play, display and roleplay

The Definitive Guide to Comic Books not to be missed!

Kayle's got a list of awesome gifts for naughty and nice geeks everywhere - including laser security systems, wampa rugs and some good ole' fashion bacon.
Kayle gives us a sneak peak into all the new movies, games, phones, comics and books we will see in the next few months. The future is looking pretty good with The Avengers, Dark Knight, G.I. Joe, World War Z, Superman and much much more

Check out these "Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces"

Network : SPACEs
Air: 2012-2013

This is one of my favorite series that I created and produced while General Managing the original Youtube Home & Design channel, SPACEStv. The concept here was to capture the big design that people applied to tiny spaces.

Thanks to some really innovative, intelligent and inspired design choices, Jen Chu's 1/2 bedroom apartment radiate's positive energy and manages to feel comfortable instead of comfortably compact. http://www.jenchudesign.com/ TINY ECLECTIC AMAZING SPACES is a show about small spaces with big design and the people who put their eye for interior design to work and create truly unique, awesome and functional places to live and work.
Van Alen Books (http://www.vanalenbooks.org) in Chelsea, NY is 400 sq ft and fits a reading room, thousands of books, an art installation and a checkout counter. Dedicated to design and architecture books - the store's design is a feet all it's own.

Ardin Myrin begs New Yorkers to "Take Me Home"

Network : SPACEStv
Air: 2012-2013

This is another of my favorite series that I created and produced while General Managing the original Youtube Home & Design channel, SPACEStv. The concept here was that comedian, actress and interior design lover, Arden Myrin, would approach random New Yorkers and ask them to take us back to their homes and show us around. This actually happened!

I Live with My Mom

Network : SPACEStv
Air: 2012-2013

This is another of my favorite series that I created and produced while General Managing the original Youtube Home & Design channel, SPACEStv. The concept here was that, in today's economy, it's not unheard of for 20- and 30-somethings to be living at home again...which means it's time to get rid of that collection of "Good Effort" soccer trophies and update their rooms to reflect the adults they've become.

20-something, Tristen still lives at home, but Designer Tracy Metro has some room ideas and sets her on the path to maturity by giving her bedroom a much needed makeover.
In this video, super designer Tracy Metro helps a hip-hop music producer redesign the studio he's set up in his mom's basement.
Charles Roocke is hard on his furniture. He's an adventure-enthusiast with grappling hooks, swords, cleats and throwing knives just lying around - so designer Tracy Metro is giving him an indestructible room.
TV Make-up Artist, Jessica Munoz, still lives at home and runs her business out of her childhood basement - so SPACES is giving her room a major makeover.