I Live with My Mom

Network : SPACEStv
Air: 2012-2013

This is another of my favorite series that I created and produced while General Managing the original Youtube Home & Design channel, SPACEStv. The concept here was that, in today's economy, it's not unheard of for 20- and 30-somethings to be living at home again...which means it's time to get rid of that collection of "Good Effort" soccer trophies and update their rooms to reflect the adults they've become.

20-something, Tristen still lives at home, but Designer Tracy Metro has some room ideas and sets her on the path to maturity by giving her bedroom a much needed makeover.
In this video, super designer Tracy Metro helps a hip-hop music producer redesign the studio he's set up in his mom's basement.
Charles Roocke is hard on his furniture. He's an adventure-enthusiast with grappling hooks, swords, cleats and throwing knives just lying around - so designer Tracy Metro is giving him an indestructible room.
TV Make-up Artist, Jessica Munoz, still lives at home and runs her business out of her childhood basement - so SPACES is giving her room a major makeover.