Events & Happenings covered by the New York Post

The philosophy we applied to event coverage was "give the audience the feeling of what it was like to be there" - and to do that, we decided our videos should be 2-parts music video, 1-part documentary. This meant finding beautiful shots that artfully showed off what the enthusiastic attendees were seeing, as well as a soundtrack that conveyed the awesomeness of the event. We are really proud of these...

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See every one who 'hung out' at Nude Bodypainting Day

Meet the men who love My Little Pony

Porn stars and protesters at New York's first Porn Film Festival

The cast of Mad Men attend their sculpture unveiling

Watch thousands of people get into a pillow fight!

See the Met's home opener in all its glory

See the best facial hair in New York City

Thousands gather to bring their steampunk fantasy's to life

The UFO Parade of Pine Bush, NY

Paid to scarf hot dogs at the Super Bowl of competitive eating
(Nathan's Famous July 4th Hot Dog Eating Competition)

Necks, backs and cracks were all inked at the Empire State Tattoo Expo

"Do What You Love" announced at News Corp's NewFront

With great fanfare, the CEO & Publisher of The New York Post, Jesse Angelo, announced the launch of our new series, "Do What You Love"

At its most basic level, it's a series about people who chase their passion and make a career out of it - no matter how quirky it is, or how upsetting it might be to their parents.

Entire series here: http://nypost.com/tag/do-what-you-love/

Do What You Love - Drive a blimp to work 

Do What You Love - Make $300k playing video games

Do What You Love - Get shot out of a canon twice a day

Do What You Love - Peddle Coconuts

Do What You Love - Make your own whiskey

Do What You Love - Be a finger painter (but don't call her a finger-painter!)

Do What You Love - Be a LEGO artist

Do What You Love - Break most of your bones shovel racing

Do What You Love - Be a Hot Sauce Sommelier

Do What You Love - Make million dollar magic

Do What You Love - Save the Philharmonic