Crazy Interesting Posts

Digital Series on New York Post. (creator/writer/producer) - This series takes the amazing, unbelievable articles and headlines from the Post's past and uses VO and animation to breathe life into them once again.

That Time Two Yankees Swapped Wives

The Story Behind the First Great American Sex Scandal

That time a headless body was found in a topless bar

Here's How the Largest Gold Heist in U.S. History was 'The Perfect Crime'

That Time Someone Poisoned NYC's Water Supply with Radioactive Plutonium

That time New Jersey closed it's borders due to a monster

That time Clint Eastwood invaded Laos

That time 2 New York socialites were killed by hording

That time the IRS spanked a 100 college coeds

That time Frankenstein, Bozo the Clown and Gorilla Man robbed some hard-working Americans

That time the government hired a prostitute

That time someone almost blew up the Washington Monument