Crazy Interesting Posts

Digital Series on New York Post. (creator/writer/producer) - This series takes the amazing, unbelievable articles and headlines from the Post's past and uses VO and animation to breathe life into them once again.

That Time Two Yankees Swapped Wives

The Story Behind the First Great American Sex Scandal

That time a headless body was found in a topless bar

Here's How the Largest Gold Heist in U.S. History was 'The Perfect Crime'

That Time Someone Poisoned NYC's Water Supply with Radioactive Plutonium

That time New Jersey closed it's borders due to a monster

That time Clint Eastwood invaded Laos

That time 2 New York socialites were killed by hording

That time the IRS spanked a 100 college coeds

That time Frankenstein, Bozo the Clown and Gorilla Man robbed some hard-working Americans

That time the government hired a prostitute

That time someone almost blew up the Washington Monument

Hungry? 'Just Add Fire'

Illy Coffe <3 NY and the Tribeca Film Festival

Saw some great films this year (particularly liked Onur Tukel's "Summer of Blood") at #TFF2014, and was honored to be brought in to work with Illy, Andrew Jive ( and Origin Story, to create some very cool instagram love letters to these famous NYC films. Can you guess them all?

Cotton's "Phases of Fashion" with Nina Garcia

Client / Network / Agency: Cotton / Mindshare / Alloy
Air: 2013-2014

In the this series, Cotton's Phases of Fashion, Nina Garcia welcomes guests Cari Champion (host of ESPN2's First Take), Annaleigh Ashford (from Showtime's Masters of Sex) and Chloe Bridges (of the CW's The Carrie Diaries) . In this episode, Cari has a very distinct style which works well with her day-job as a sportscaster but she wants to find the right outfit to take her from work to play. Nina helps her find just the right look which is versatile for Cari to wear to work during the day and jazz-up for after-work hours. 

Jeep bio's some interesting people in "Uncharted Adventure"

Client / Agency: Jeep / Weiden & Kennedy
Air: 2014

Some people's jobs just don't fit in the 9a-6p mold. In this episode, discover why every day is an adventure for successful restaurateur, Ryan, who is a part-owner and Executive Chef of several notable restaurants in New Jersey. We ride along with him as he shows us how his passion and drive help him manage it all.

Parents & Teen's talk Honestly in Toyota's "Swapping Seats"

Client / Agency: Toyota/360i
Air: 2014

Teens learn both good and bad driving habits from watching their parents. Get tools to start the conversation with your teen: Toyota USA Check out more from ToyotaUSA: Subscribe to our channel for more about the entire family of Toyota motor vehicles: Follow us on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: In 1957, when Toyota first came to America, Elvis was king of rock n' roll, big cars with tailfins were "in" and postage stamps were just 3 cents.